Friday, November 9, 2012

This Week in Acupuncture School

I first discovered in college that my interests do not particularly line up with my personality type.  I was a genetics major but, being more into sororities than zombies vs. humans, most of my friends were in fields like PR and marketing.  Now in acupuncture school, I'm the odd girl out in my affinity for cheetos and lack of desire to join the occupy movement.  It would be hard to overestimate my love for science, and I can talk about the benefits of organic foods for days, but overall I'm just a little different.  Probably because of this, I find some things about acupuncture school hysterically funny.  In the spirit of sharing the love, here are the top three things I laughed about this week:

Every week, the administration of my acupuncture school publishes a student newsletter.  In addition to normal announcements, they publish responses to any suggestions students submit.  This week, one of the suggestions in the newsletter was this little gem:

I'm not sure Pepsi Co. carries kombucha...

Someone leaving cape cod potato chips in the student lounge with a sign that says "Please eat me! :-)"
Me: "SCORE!!!!" grabbing a huge handful and starting to eat them
Next student to enter the lounge: Smiles at chips, approaches bag, begins to read ingredient label of chips, smile slowly turns to frown, puts chips down and...backs...away

A fellow student offering around gluten free organic muffins in class (is that really a thing??).  They were delicious FYI.

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